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7791000 Nano Heater

Fully submersible aquarium heater

Fixed temperature set at 25ºC

Tolerance +/-1ºC


Operation indicator LED:

BLUE: stand by

PURPLE: heating

For marine and freshwater aquarium

7791000 Nano Heater 16w for aquarium up to 20 l.

7791001 Nano Heater 32w for aquarium up to 38l.

7791002 Nano Heater 50w for aquarium up to 60l.

7776202 Aquaventilador 2

Nº of fans: 2

Power: 1,9w

Speed: 2800RPM

Noise <39dB

Voltage: 12v

Aquarium: 80 L.

7776204 Aquaventilador 4

Nº of fans: 4

Power: 3,8w

Speed: 2800RPM

Noise <40dB

Voltage: 12v

Aquarium: 160 L.

7776206 Aquaventilador 6

Nº of fans: 6

Power: 5,7w

Speed: 2800RPM

Noise <41dB

Voltage: 12v

Aquarium: 240 L.

The cheapest way to lower the aquarium temperature.

Can decrease the water temperature from 2 to 4 degrees.


Copyright 2012-2016 Barcelona Marine Farm. All rights reserved.

7776210 Fan-Controller

Digital controller for Aquaventilador

3 speed fan selectable

Digital control


For power adapter up to 2A

DC jack 5.5*2.1*10mm male outlet

DC jack 5.5*2.1*10mm female inlet

7776220 Nano Ventilador PLUS Black

7776221 Nano Ventilador PLUS White

Cooling fan for small aquarium

3 selectable speed

Built in electronic temperature controller

Noise <39dB

Voltage: 12v

Aquarium: 60 L.